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Monday, May '03 -- All the old updates are gone as you may notice. I found out my frames context wasnt catching in search engines or any other things so I'm going back to the one page format, gomen. I do have another chapter of fanfiction. Even up to the last one, I just have to get it all saved to a happy little disk. Heavy work going on. sorry.
Friday, August 20, '04 -- Re vamped! take a look around, but you still have to use your back button on some things. Sorry. I have an addiction I'll admit it. Its at www.dbstar.cjb.net GO SEE WHY!

Why android18?

Android18 is one of the few fighting females in the DragonBall Series. Her vanity only seems to run when shes outside of battle and bored to tears. What I beleive is best about her is that she can kick butt, and not a single strand of hair is outta place.
When she marrys Kurillin she becomes Good, dont be fooled by the strong silent routene, she is a Krillin lovin and baby hugging machine! *no machine pun intended*

18 Themed background

I know I'm really adiment about creating my own 18 themed background, but i havent got the things to do it yet. ^_^ sorry. I will hopefully after this fall quarter. Hopefully.
Now, If anyone wants to help you are more than welcome to! He he... You'll get sight credit!

Note: Images

Currently few images are up on the sight. I know it's gonna take a long time but im working on getting new ones -_-;
Guest book is up and running. Feel free to make a contributation!

Oh! One more thing!

If anyone is able to get a hold of TrunksZX Then please please ask her if shes ever gonna talk to her best friend again?!

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